Family Pride

Fishing With Earl

Forgotten Moments

Good Locks Make Honest Men

Golden Sunrise

A Glimpse of Gold

Grandpa’s Apple Tree

Guest Ranch Store

Harvey Homestead

Home for Christmas

High Plains Palette

Lingering Light

Let a Backroad Take You Home

Last Dollar Road

In Quiet Wonder

Laden With History

Last Song of Summer

Magic Light

More Precious Than Gold

Meadow of Memories

Long Shadows off I-90

Mission San Ignacio

Misty River

Morning Mood

Morning Visitor

Mountain Mission


No Sunday Fishing

Newton Fork Ranch

Old Stone Church

Prairie Home

Prime -Time   Sage Creek Basin

Pinnacles at Dawn

Old Number 7

Otter Pond

High Pasture

Limited Edition Prints F-P

Garden Party

Line Shack

If I Were a Tree

Looking Back

Pioneer Garden

Linda’s 50 Chevy

Mystic Chapel


Mary’s Front Porch

A Magical Morning

Garden Companion