Sweet Anticipation

Alpine Inn

America’s Holiday Tree

A Sign of Peace

Anderson Ranch

Artist’s Day Off

Beyond the Canyon

Catch and Release

Backroad to Betsy’s

After the Storm

Bulldog Ranch

Chores Can Wait

Dakota Spring

Don’t Fence Me In

Dunton Hot Springs

Beauty and Peace

Crystal Reflections

Country Hospitality

A Brilliant Beginning

Autumn Prayer

Creekside Serenade

Early One Morning

Evening at Black Fox

Emerald Way

Falling Giant

Fishing With Earl

Gentle Harvest

Guest Ranch Store

Harvey Homestead

The  Flowers Endure

Heartland Legacy

Heartland Reflections


Home For Christmas

Home for Hot Chocolate

In Quiet Wonder

Laguna Pueblo

Last Dollar Road

Last Song of Summer

Let a Backroad Take You Home

Misty River

Milking Time

Mission San Ignacio

Meadow of Memories

Moonshine Gulch Saloon

Morning Mood

Morning Visitor


No Sunday Fishing

No Ducks

October Ambiance

Peace in the Valley

Prairie Prelude

A Promise of Spring


Reflections of Fall

Reynolds Ranch

At Rest Beneath the Rimrock

Roughlock Falls

A Season of Plenty

September Morn

Simple Pleasures


Silent Crossing

Snow Day

Snowy Monday

Snowy Sanctuary

Standing Tall

State Game Lodge

A Story in Stone

Summer Meadows

Test of Time

A Timeless Tradition

Touching  Heaven

Unto The Hills

Warm Retreat

A Whisper of Fall

Winter in the Heartland

Winter’s Glow

Autumn Grace

Golden Sunrise

A Glimpse of Gold

Prime Time - Sage CreekBasin

Warmth Within

A Great Day To Be A Kid

High Pasture

Quiet Interlude

Linda’s 50 Chevy

Pioneer Garden

Looking Back


Seven Sacred Horses


Sunshine, Sing Me Your  Song

Miniature Prints

Angie’s Greenhouse

M’Gillycuddy’s Home

The Badger Hole

I Barely Have Time to Do  Nothing